Friday, March 21, 2014

Fused Glass Pendants

The dilemma: I've been making fused glass pendant necklaces for years, but they sell so fast I rarely get a chance to photograph them. And they're each unique, truly one of a kind. What catches a person's eye when they see the one they want! The background color? The design? Some abstract imagery they find? Probably a combination of all these. Here are a few that are currently available. And I promise to add more as they come out of the kiln. 

This "strata" design was made with a pattern bars technique

Multimedia necklace - somehow the overalls hardware seemed to go with this pendant, and then of course the necklace needed to be denim. There are several button holes so that it can be worn at different lengths. 

NOT Fused Glass! My twisted, crochet silver wire necklaces  are available in many colors, and can be custom made with the gems or beads of your choice. This one is dark brown jasper. They look like they'd be itchy and uncomfortable, but surprisingly they are not at all so. This style definitely lays better in a short collar- or choker-style length. 

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