Monday, March 10, 2014

Podcasts - Academic Aesthetic

TheArtGuy's Academic Aesthetic podcast could hardly be more in my wheelhouse. This K-6 art teacher covers a wide variety of topics related to art, art education, and technology. The episodes are short - 7-15 minutes - practical, and interesting for a fellow elementary school art teacher.

The episodes I listened to seemed to mostly be based on his personal opinion and interests. His opinions are agreeable to me, and he seems well-informed in his subject area, so I enjoyed listening to it.

Unfortunately, I could not access the podcast through his iTunes link, only via his website. so navigating an episode to rewind, etc. was not easy. I could click on a subject from the episode and see the transcript for it, but could not figure out how to scroll through that text. He mentioned his tumbler account, but the links only opens a dialog box to make suggestions. I for one have become too lazy to do much more than click on a link when I'm ON the internet. If I really want to access or contact someone, I will copy and paste the information, but if the link is there, glowing at me, I might click it out of curiosity.

I hope if this ArtGuy is serious about his web presence he will add some key links that will help navigate and find relevant information. No new podcasts have been dropped since the fall, so maybe it was a passing phase, but he seems to be excited about what he does, and filled with many good ideas to share.

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