Sunday, June 22, 2014

First day of school? In June?

My teaching year is done, but tomorrow... Oh tomorrow! I am taking a jewelry class, and I'm so excited! I admit, I hoped for rain this weekend. I wanted to clean up my studio, lay out my tools, go through my findings and sketches... I feel like the kid who is gathering their supplies and packing her backpack for back-to-school.

It's a good time of life to be able to choose the class I'm taking; have some experience, skill, and supplies to set my goals for what I want to learn, practice, and accomplish in the class; and to be in a field I passionately love. 

I can't expect my students to come to art class with all those things, but they can bring some. Luckily, most of them "choose" to be there, and many love art too. I hope my students are all as excited for summer as I am for my summer class, and in the fall I hope they feel the same excitement I feel today. 

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