Sunday, February 6, 2022


Because I'm an avid listener of audiobooks, people often ask me for recommendations. I do review books on Goodreads, but I try to review "the book" itself there. So I thought I'd start a blog about audiobooks that I love. 

#1 I just re-read (listened) to Stardust by Neil Gaimen. I love when authors read their books. There's no question that it's been read as intended. Neil Gaimen is a lovely reader. He has a unique voice, and he sounds like he loves to hear a story. I would be remiss not to say that this book as graphic novel must also be read! So, ideal would be to listen to the book as you look at the graphic novel. I haven't done that yet but I intend to.

Neil has many good audiobooks some (american gods) read by him, others (anansi boys) not, but as he said in the bonus interview at the end of the audiobook, he sometimes feels that the characters need a different narrator. Isn't it nice how much he cares?

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